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Anyone can volunteer!

You don't need to be a vet or vet student

Worldwide Vets works around the globe, to help animals in need. Every year we strive to reach more and more animals that desperately require support in association with local communities and charities. This is where you come in.

Some of our projects accept volunteers to join our cause, giving you a chance to get hands on and make a real impact as part of your career, break, studies or gap year. This is your opportunity to really give something back to the world and use your passion and skills to do something amazing. Projects either have a ‘veterinary’ or ‘conservation’ focus and you don’t need any past experience to attend.  

Our vet projects range from domestic vet clinics, servicing poverty-stricken communities in Africa and India, to wildlife vet teams at the front line of conservation. In the developing world you will gaining a lot of clinical experience and help diagnose, treat and prevent  a range of injuries and diseases that may be quite different to those you see at home.

Our conservation projects are based at wildlife rescue centres, research facilities or conservation entities, and deal with rehabilitating and protecting endangered animals like turtles, cheetahs, elephants, lions, rhinos, monkeys, dolphins and other marine mammals.

With 10 years’ experience running volunteer projects, we know what it takes to give you a life changing experience, with a fun team, in beautiful locations and with all the safety nets, insurance and cover you need when traveling abroad.

So weather you dig dogs, or love lions, welcome to our team! Below is a list of all the projects we offer. If you want to see veterinary or conservation specific projects, you can find them listed under the ‘volunteer with us’ tab on the main menu, or just follow the buttons below!

Cheetah rehabilitation and care

South Africa

Work in Africa with cheetahs. Help with their care, feeding, exercise and rehabilitation. Track released cheetah and monitor their effect on the prey population.

From £661

Open to: Anyone

Zanzibar Vet Clinic


Volunteer on the tropical island of Zanzibar, helping the clinic with all aspects of their work. From surgery and nursing to re-homing and rehabilitation.

From £608

Open to: Anyone

Safari Stables Project


Work on a beautiful safari reserve and help manage 40 horses. Canter past herds of zebra, weave around giraffe, compete at show jumping and go on horse swims.

From £1069

Open to: Anyone

Ghana Vet Clinic


Join the team at a friendly vet clinic. Develop medical skills, help treat diseases and trauma as you work with dogs, cats, poultry, sheep and cows in a 3rd world country.

From £800

Open to: Anyone

Dolphin & Marine Conservaton


As a volunteer on this project you will be welcomed in to a fun and dynamic team of professionals working with dolphins and improving the marine diversity on Zanzibar.

From £1,297

Open to: Anyone

Wildlife Orphan Rescue


Assist a wildlife rescue sanctuary, with hands on nurturing, feeding and raising of wildlife. Care for baboons, monkeys, zebra, warthog, owls, pangolins and more.

From £1,356

Open to: Anyone

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation


Join an award winning research team. Assist their work monitoring, researching and conserving wildlife including lemurs, lobsters, bats and reptiles.

From £795

Open to: Anyone

Chimpanzee Sanctuary


Get hands on caring for, feeding and enriching the lives rescue chimpanzees. Take them on bush walks and provide behavioral enrichment.

From £1,199

Open to: Anyone

African Vet Conservation Volunteer

South Africa

Spend 2 or 3 weeks carrying out adrenaline packed wildlife captures and vet work, supplemented by lectures & theory. This project can count towards degree credits/work experience

From £1,710

Open to: Anyone

Safari Vet Internship

South Africa

Two week internship, full of lectures and practicals hosted by wildlife veterinarians in South Africa. Help with wild animal immobilisation, surgery and treatment.

From 2,850 Euros

Open to: Vets and vet students

India Vet Clinic


Work in incredible India, assisting with medicine and surgery for stray animals and those from poor families, whilst being based at a univeristy teaching facility in Ahmedabad.

From £870

Open to: vets, nurses and students

Cape Town Vet Project

South Africa

A busy animal rescue and vet centre in stunning Cape Town. Assist with animal rehabilitation and vet work. Vet students/vet assist with surgery.

From £1,030

Open to: Anyone