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The WORLDWIDE VETS GOLDEN STAR AWARD is an award for individuals who have made a great contribution to animals or their carers. 

These are people who have gone above and beyond for animals in need and provided great friendship or support for peers. A huge thank you to everyone who nominated, and a big congratulations to all those who were highlighted. Voting is now closed for this year's Golden Star nominations. Your 14 nominees are listed below and you can find out more about each person by checking the Golden Star Award Album on Facebook here:


YOU CAN NOW VOTE! Vote on which person you feel deserves the award by sharing their photo from the Facebook album (link above).


One share = one vote


On the 16th of January 2023 we will announce the winner of the public vote, as well as 2 other nominees selected by our ethics committee. These 3 stars will enter the final round of the award. 

Thank you to everyone who nominated this year, and a huge congratulations to every single nominee. This is a heart warming and very inspiring award to host and we hope you too are inspired by the amazing people in this world working towards improving animal medicine, welfare and conservation in so many different ways. Each nominee brings their own energy, experience and skills to the table to make a positive impact to the world around them.

Veterinary students volunteering with wildlife zebra in Africa
human hand holding a paw of sick dog wearing plastic protective collar with colourful band
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