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Worldwide Vets could not do what we do without a network of colleagues and supporters. Each of our partners brings something different to the table. Their roles vary from donors, sponsors, CPD (veterinary training) provider, community liaison and logistical support. Over the years we have joined forces with these organisations to be able to do as much for animals as possible, because when we work together, we can do more. Meet our colleagues below.

Walkin' Pets

Walkin' Pets produce customisable wheelchars for injured dogs, cats, pigs, calves...infact almost any species you could imagine! Getting animals back on their feet is their specialty and along with their partners YuMove, they have donated many wheelchars to our mobile vet clinic in Ukraine so animals injured in the war can have a happy and exercise filled life.  

MSD Animal Health

MSD has gone above and beyond to provide medications and vaccinations for animals that would normally go without. Partnering with our international outreach missions they have allowed us to reach more animals than ever before, preventing transmissible diseases and helping animals live healthier lives.


Our friends at Sound and Antech Diagnostics have generously donated a brand new digital xray machine, the Fusion II, to help with our international outreach work. This wonderful donation is also supported by Mr George Suzuki from Canon USA and Mr Eugene Lee from Poskom USA. Being able to utilise radiography in a mobile setting allows us to instantly diagnose broken bones, see internal damage caused by road traffic accidents, find old snares cutting deep into the skin of wild animals and so much more.

SPCA International

SPCA International are a key donor towards our frontline animal rescue work inside of Ukraine. They provide not just logistical support but also donation of supplies, friendship and moral support when times are tough. We thank them for standing up to take on this unique challenge alongside our team.

The Street Dog Coalition

A fine example of how distance is no hurdle to animal lovers who want to help those in need. We have paired up with Dr Geller The Street Dog Coalition to provide even more support to the animals in Ukraine. Their team fundraised for a mobile vet clinic to be send from USA to our frontline work in Ukraine, and are providing ongoing support so animals affected by the war can receive even better treatment and care.

Pulse Vet

The wonderful team at Pulse Vet donated a shockwave therapy machine to help us treat injured animals. The pulsewave therapy unit allows our veterinarians to speed up wound healing, fracture repair and many other injuries sustained by all sizes of animal, improving welfare and getting our patients back to full health much faster. 

Vetel Diagnostics

Vetel Diagnostics have been kind enough to support our work around the world by donating ultrasound and xray machines in order to provide diagnostic investigations to all species of animals. From dogs and cats to lions and zebra, their generous support has allowed us to give gold standard of care to so many animals. 

Fleet of Angels

Fleet of Angels is a USA based equine charity working to support horses in need. Throughout our time working in Ukraine and providing care to equines affected by the fighting, we have worked closely alongside Fleet of Angels to coordinate, plan and fundraise. We want to extend a thank you to the organization for helping us raise funds in the USA, and for the amazing support they are providing owners on the ground with feed grants.

NATUWA Wildlife Sanctuary

Worldwide Vets provides a permanent veterinarian to live and work onsite at the NATUWA sanctuary in Costa Rica. This gives rescued and rehabilitating animals the best possible care and chance for wild release. We accept volunteers to this sanctuary to train under Dr Mora, learn new skills and support costa Rica conservation work.

Butterfly Network

Butterfly Network has donated ultrasound units towards our international animal rescue missions. To date we have distributed 20 portable units across Ukraine, taken one deep into the Amazon to service rescued wildlife, and into Costa Rica to help diagnose injuried exotic species. The lightweight and pocket sized ultrasound machines link up to the vet's phones and mean we can diagnose problems in remote locations, send images to colleages abroad, and work in water, mud, heat and rain, where other equipment would struggle to work.

Scrubs UK

Scrubs UK are our apparel partners, clothing our volunteers and veterinarians at all of our locations. Thanks to their generous discount offered to our volunteers, anyone who joins us can grab great branded t-shirts and scrubs at a discounted rate from their range of smart, eco friendly and practical clothing lines.

MDF Instruments

We have teamed up with MDF Instruments to support veterinary work in Ukraine. MDF is a leading supplier of stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers which are not just brilliant in their function but quite beautiful in their style! Through their Crafting Wellness initiative which supports charitable work around the globe, they have kindly sent a number of stethoscopes to us to support our outreach missions in Ukraine. Their current donation will provide lifesaving diagnostics and surgical monitoring for animals inured in the war, saving innocent lives at their time of need.  Check our their site for top of the range equipment with designs to suit every personality.

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