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The Worldwide Vets team is made up of many people from a huge range of backgrounds, societies and nationalities, all sharing one common ground: a love for animals.

From our bookings team, to on site project managers, to the kennel staff, every single member plays a vital role in the work that we do.

Here are just a few members of our team that you may encounter if you choose to volunteer or work with us.

Dr Gemma Campling

Founder and Director

Dr Campling founded Worldwide Vets in 2009. She studied at Nottingham University in the UK and today works most of the year out in Africa. She has a passion for wildlife conservation, horse riding, and enjoys teaching at vet schools.

Sarah Kickofel

Volunteer consultant

Sarah Kickhofel is one of our volunteer consultants, helping people pick, book and plan their volunteer trip.  She is based in Cape Town, South Africa, which is where she gained  her a BCom Digital Marketing Degree.  She is a lover of all animals, and enjoys horse riding and dog training in her free time. 

Bailey Romi

Volunteer consultant

Bailey is one of our volunteer consultants, helping people pick, book and plan their volunteer trip.  She is from Missouri, USA and graduated with an Associates in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology and become a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2019. She then complted a Bachelors in Veterinary Technology in 2021 and has worked in clinics, shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centres, before coming onboard with us. 

Dr Brendan Tindall

Coordinator: Wildlife Vet Internship

Brendan Tindall graduated from vet school in South Africa in 1999. He teaches most of the clinical lectures and practicals on the Wildlife Vet Internship project and dedicates a lot of his time to charitable organisations assisting in anti-rhino poaching campaigns.

Dr Fabiola Quesada

Coordinator: Safari Vet Internship

Dr Quesada attended vet shcool in Spain, before realising her passion lay with African wildlife conservation. Now she teaches the One-Health aspects of the course and ensures volunteers have a educational and fun packed schedule.

Dr Daniella

Coordinator: Costa Rica Wildlife Internship

Dr Daniella graduated in Mexico and moved to Costa Rica to follow her passion for working with wildlife. Volunteers spend their working days under her instruction and guidance. She especially loves avian medicine and primate procedures.

Jill Barton

Coordinator: Egypt Equine Vet Volunteer

Jill is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and a lifelong lover of horses. She was raised in Australia and now lives in Egypt overseeing the daily running of the clinic and staff and helping volunteers meet their training goals. 

Dr Marianna

Coordinator: Peru Wildlife Internship

Dr Mariana has loved wildlife since she was young and has a deep passion for carnivores and primates. She is a vital part of the orphan rearing team, helping young animals brought to the sanctuary get the best start in life. Volunteers spend their days working alongside Mariana and learning under her guidance.

Jacob Thomas

Coordinator: Thailand Vet Clinic

Jacob manages volunteer activities at the Thailand clinic, helps volunteers set their aims and achieve their learning goals during their stay. His background is international project management, but now he has settled here to help animals in need.

Hein Schuman

Coordinator African Vet Conservation Project

Hein has over 15 years expereince in managing and translocating wildlife species in South Africa. He co-ordinates the daily activities as well as teaching on the course. In the bush he ensures volunteers get hands on with all aspects of the wildlife capture and translocation.

Charles Temba

Coordinator: Zanzibar Vet Clinic

Born and raised in Tanzania, Charls is responsible for the day to day management of our volunteers in Zanzibar. This involves everything from ensuring they reach their clinical goals, to advising on the best places to visit on beautiful Zanzibar. 

Anna van de Burg

Founder: Zanzibar Vet Clinic

Anna has managed the clinic for over 15 years and grown it to what it is today. She is a real 'mother' figure and loves welcoming our volunteers to the paradise island of Zanzibar. These days she is often based over on the mainland of Tanzania to manage the charities logistics.

Baye Pigors

Coordinator: Wildlife Orphan Rescue Project

Baye founded the sanctuary in 2014 and since then has been the heart of the project and an inspiration to everyone she meets. She spends her days teaching volunteers the best way to handle and raise the orphans, as well as carrying out rescues and releases.

Judy Travers

Coordinator (horse) : Horse Riding and Wildlife Conservation

Judy runs the equine project, and leads all horserides.She is a wealth of knowledge about the bush, wildlife and ecosystems on the reserve and teaches people a lot about conservation. Judy’s energy and enthusiasm for Africa is infectious and a true inspiration for all volunteers. 

Willem Nell

Coordinator: Safari Stables Project

Willem manages the horses and volunteer project in Zimbabwe. He has a degree in biology and guides safari rides, teaches about conservation and nature as well as equine skills like basic first aid,  jumping and polocrosse

Dr Sumeet Gerbani

Coordinator: Indian Vet Clinic

Sumeet has managed the volunteer project for the last 5 years and brings an amazing ability to maintain organisation amid the busy clinic's workload. He is responsible for ensuring  volunteers gain good clinical knowledge and skills.

Dr Joseph Amakye

Head Vet: Ghana Vet Clinic

Dr Amakye has worked as a vet in Ghana for over 20 years. His interests are production animal health and infectious disease management. He is also a lover of surgery, and enjoys spay clinics in the rural areas.

Jordan Palmer

Coordinator: Ghana Vet Clinic

Jordan came to Ghana as a volunteer herself. It was then she realised she had a deep love for the way of life in Africa. She assists volunteers with getting to and from the clinic, and with all aspects the 'after-work' schedule and social life.

Yojan Valenzuela

Coordinator: Machu Picchu Horse Project

Yojan has a lifetime of expereince working with horses in a harmonious way and manages the stables. His wife Karina is responsible for the day to day activities of the volunteers, and introducing them to the Peruvian way of life. Their daughter Gabriella loves helping with the horses too! 

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