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Butterfly IQ Ultrasound machines

We are proud to announce a new partner. Butterfly IQ Ultrasound Machines. This brilliant device is able to be used anywhere, simply by plugging it in to a phone. They have kindly donated a whopping 20 machines to our cause.

During the month of August, we have taken their products into Ukraine to help mobile vets beter diagnose and treat animals on the frontline. With continued turmoil across the country, animals are at increased risk of injury, and veterinarians are struggling to provide care in this challenging environment! This is where this exceptional diagnostic tool comes into play!

This donation is a generous gift from Butterfly Network. A massive that you to the team!

These powerful and versatile diagnostic devices will allow vets to carry out ultrasound examinations in the field, using just the small handheld device and their mobile phones. The “Butterfly Cloud” also allows vets to upload and access images remotely, collaborate with colleagues, and gain ongoing training from internationally recognised clinicians

A special thanks also goes out to the wonderful ISELP and BEVA - The British Equine Veterinary Association who coordinated the donation and provided a landing ground for this precious cargo in Europe and UEF who assisted with logistics inside of Ukraine!We are so grateful for the generosity of the teams, and look forward to sharing more information about the vets who received this groundbreaking technology!

Looking to help us abroad?

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