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AAEP USA conference, here we come!

The AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) is a world-renowned organization managing and regulating equine vets in the USA. They run the AAEP "Foundation for the Horse" a charitable fund with equine welfare and support at their center. Over the last few months working in Ukraine, we have liaised with them on a regular basis, along with BEVA, World Horse Welfare, Ukraine Equestrian Federation and ISELP. These wonderful organizations have done amazing things for Ukraine, donating finds, equipment and medications to help vets and horses in the darkest hour.

It is an honor to have been invited along to talk in the opening ceremony of the conference. The whole event will run in November 2022 from the 18th to the 22nd. Gemma Campling will be talking about 2022 work in Ukraine and what it is like on the ground working at the frontline. She will also share the huge impact the donations from AAEP, BEVA, ISELP and WHW have made.

As well as talking in the opening ceremony and on the ISELP stand during the conference, she will be meeting with representatives who wish to further support equine veterinary welfare around the globe. This will really be a wonderful week of meeting colleagues and forging new paths to support horse welfare worldwide.

If you are at the conference, do come past the ISELP stand to chat to Gemma Campling about our work both in Ukraine and globally with horses. We are always looking for veterinary and vet nurse supporters, volunteers, ambassadors and those who can support with donations. We look forward to meeting you there!


Looking to help us abroad?

Veterinary students volunteering with wildlife zebra in Africa
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