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We believe pushing your boundaries and working in new and unfamiliar place is fantastic for developing confidence, social and vocational skills and finding out more about yourself. Our project managers are well trained in bringing out the best in people and creating a fun and safe environment, conducive to getting the most out of your time as a volunteer. 

Volunteering with us will allow you to:

  • Work with animals you could only dream of working with at home

  • Try your hand at a totally new job role

  • Diversify your education

  • Gain medical and surgical skills in an encouraging environment

  • Improve your CV and employability

  • Open your eyes to new cultures, foods, languages and ways of life

  • Give back to communities, animals and ecosystems in need of support and protection

Sharing thoughts and ideas with like minded people can only result in a better situation for the animals we work with and that, above all else, is our goal. 


Going abroad is a big choice with many significant decisions to be made. With hundreds of happy volunteers, we know how to help you pick the perfect project. So you can concentrate on what is important: having an awesome time!

Don’t Just take our word for it, check out the facts:

A Real Impact

We provide ongoing support to our projects and have done for many years. This means we make a longterm, sustainable commitment to every community, individual and animal we work with.

In safe hands

We hold international insurance to cover every part of your booking and trip. This includes public liability and professional indemnity. We will also ensure you have medical insurance to cover yourself abroad, so you can jet off with confidence.


Got the T-shirt

Since 2010 we have helped thousands of travelers have the experience of a lifetime. Across 10 countries and 3 continents. We live, breath and eat for the projects so we know what you want and how to make it happen.


Every step

From the moment you contact us, we will help you with everythign to do with your trip.

Flight advice? no problem.

Uni paperwork? Of course.

Skype call with nervous parents? definately.

Best sport to grab a beer on the weekend? Yep, that too.



  • Gap year volunteers- Do something with your year out that will set you in good stead for your degree, broaden your horizons, open your eyes and make memories to last a life time. 


  • Vet Students- many of our placements qualify as pre clinical and clinical EMS.

  • Vets - Join our team and use your skills to help animals and communities in need. Help support charitable outreaches or join one of our wildlife courses to expand your medical skill set.  


  • Vet nursing students- work alongside vets and technicians to improve your vocational skills.


  • Equine studies students- check out our equine placements, offering development in horse training, physiotherapy, behaviour and safari riding.


  • Animal studies and conservation students- learn about animal management, wildlife care, conservation and biodiversity in the real world. Say goodbye to the classroom and hello to learning on the job.


  • Mature volunteers- Bringing some life experiences with you, makes you a very valuable asset to any of our teams. If you are feeling like you want to travel and at the same time have a fulfilling experience helping animals in need, this is for you.

  • Career beak or sabbatical- Many employers now understand the need for a person to take time out, to grow, explore, develop their sense of adventure. Some companies even sponsor their employees to attend our projects! Whatever your reason, this is a great opportunity to get out of the office and dive head first into the culture and lifestyle of another count.

Gap years

Vet Nurses

Vet students


equine studies

career breaks

He who gives his time, gives his heart

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