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Our Projects are a great way to gain new skills, learn new things and leap into an exciting adventure, whilst helping the clinics and charities we support. But don't just take our word for it. We know how important it is to have trust and faith in the project you are attending, and the team you are volunteering with. Below is our live feedback reviews from past volunteers.


Every volunteer receives a follow up email after their stay with us to review their project and let us know how improvements can be made. If you want to find more feedback, we have reviews on Facebook. You can also follow us on Instagram, where we often have current volunteers uploading their own photos with project updates and the work they have been getting up to. 

Below is further feedback from some of our volunteers who wanted to add a little more information about their stay with us. 


Thank you to all those who took the time to provide feedback. Volunteer feedback helps us provide the best experience possible, to both those who can help us and the animals we work with.

"The vet teams in Cape Town are amazing. Volunteering here you feel you can do so much good and you really get involved in the charitable work. I did a lot clinically, but also loved helping less fortunate people with their pets. Everyone was so greatful, I want to come back in my clinical years to do more"

Cape Town Animal Rescue and Vet Project

Emma Jenkins

"I didn't imagine the clinic would be so busy and with so many opportunities to carry out procedures. I went having helped with a few surgeries, and in a month I was happy to do spays and castrates unassisted. The staff love the animals and are so good at teaching"


Indian Vet Clinic

Ben Stilmouth

"This project has brought me on leaps and bounds, both in my knowledge of horse care and my riding. Going out on game counts was my favorite part of the stay, but also swimming on horses, long canters and playing polocrosse"


Safari Stables Project

Danielle O'Leary

"My Favorite thing? Riding the horses out to the wildebeest to take care of it, doing the reversal on Batoka the Lion, and learning how to draw blood and give injections. It was all a new experience for me and it was all amazing." 


Safari Vet Internship

Aleah Oman

"Thank you for making these 2 weeks special for all of us and thank you for doing such a great job of carefully planning out each day. I would not change anything about this trip. I hope to returnk some time in the near future, so I hope to see you soon! "

Wildlife Vet Training Course

Emmy Budas

"I think anyone coming to volunteer here would get a lot of experence. The team were really good at teaching and encouraging me to get hands on. The social side was amazing, the vounteer house was lovely, the town and rainforrests are beautiful. Seeing 3rd world subsistence farming was very interesting and I know I helped make a difference, which was the best thing about my stay"

Ghana Vet Clinic

Lucy Carter

"All of the staff are great and very friendly and Estelle was very helpful and supportive on emails when booking and before travelling to Zanzibar. Dr Flavi, the vet, speaks excellent English and was a great teacher and really encouraging for us to try practical and surgical skills for ourselves, which was exactly what we needed!" 

Zanzibar Vet Clinic

Joanne Brewin