Our Projects are a great way to gain new skills, learn new things and leap into an exciting adventure, whilst helping the clinics and charities we support. But don't just take our word for it. 

Here is some feedback from past volunteers:

Zanzibar Vet Clinic:

"All of the staff are great and very friendly at ZAASO and Gemma was very helpful and supportive on emails when booking and before travelling to Zanzibar. Flavi, the vet, speaks excellent English and was a great teacher and really encouraging for us to try practical and surgical skills for ourselves, which was exactly what we needed!" Joanne Brewin

Zanzibar Vet Clinic:

"as a new graduate it was a very worthwhile experience being allowed some independence when it came to surgeries and being asked my opinion on treatments as it allowed me to gain confidence in my own decision making ability and strengthened the knowledge I already had" Kathryn Marr

Lion Rehabilitation and Release:

"I loved the opportunity to go into the ngamo pride and carry out research and see the lioness that will be the future of the project was absolutely amazing!" Emily Moule

Lion Rehabilitation and Release:

"Being so close to lions was the highlight of my life so far, I don't think I will ever do anything so special ever again. I made some amazing friends and enjoyed living in the Africa bush, learning about elephants, birds, stars, tracking, snakes, camping out and horseriding!" Laura Lesole

Zim Vet:

"Thank you for making these 2 weeks special for all of us and thank you for doing such a great job of carefully planning out each day. I would not change anything about this trip. I hope to return to Antelope Park some time in the near future, so I hope to see you soon! "  Emmy Budas

Zim Vet

"My Favorite thing? Riding the horses out to the wildebeest to take care of it, doing the reversal on Batoka the Lion, and learning how to draw blood and give injections. It was all a new experience for me and it was all amazing."  Aleah Oman

Thoroughbred Racing Internship

This project has brought me on leaps and bounds above my collegues regarding knowledge of horse care and performance animal amangement. I loved going VIP to racedays and riding the racehorses was something I will never forget" Danielle 'OLeary 

Natural horsemanship project

"as a horse lover there was no better project to learn about equine communication and training. Andy was so patient and welcoming and helpful, I can't wait to apply the knowledge to my own horse at home" Darren Range

Indian Vet Clinic

I didn't imagine the clinic would be so busy and with so many opportunities to carry out procedures. I went having helped with a few surgeries and in a month I was happy to do spays, castrates and leg amputations unassisted. The staff love the animals and are so good at teaching" Ben Stilmouth 

Township Animal Clinic

"Cora is an amazing person who does so much good and you really feel a part of that volunteering here. I loved meeting the community and seeing South Africa as a 'local'. I got endless chances to assist with treatment and surgery. I would go back!" Emma Jenkins