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apply : Ukraine horse support grant


Need help feeding, moving and relocating your horses from Ukraine, or supporting them after movement? You have come to the right place. Please fill in the form below. Please note, this is only for horse owners. If you want help for other animals please visit the page here for charities to help you. 


If you are looking to support our grant, you can donate using the button below.


  1. Complete the form below (be sure to fill in all sections)

  2. It may takeup to 5 working days to give you an answer to your application. Please be patient and do not submit the form again.

  3. We will contact you via email to discuss your situation

  4. We will request a photo of you and your horses. This helps us confirm the legitimacy of each applicant

  5. If you are successful you will be offered a grant (most applicants are successful)

  6. Funds are sent to you via PayPal

  7. The grant aims to help quickly in emergency situations (feeding and moving horses). We are able to provide a second ongoing support grant in certain situations to help feed and stable horses in the longer term.


We are offering 2 types of grant.

  • Non-repaid: Need funds and feel you are unable to repay it? You can apply for a non-repaid grant. This is a full donation and is yours to keep. 

  • Repaid: If you need funds to get back on to your feet and wish to repay the grant at a later date, you can select this option. You are able to repay your grant any time over the next 12 months. In this case, the funds you return to us will go to supporting other people in the future. If things change after you receive the funds, you can change to the non-repaid option at any time, and so keep the funds you have received.