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Our team is present in Ukraine right now providing free veterinary care to animals in need. We believe it is our duty to help rescue, treat and care for animals during this brutal war. Hundreds of dogs and cats, horses, donkeys, and smaller pets have been wounded. On the ground, vets are dealing with gun shot wounds, trauma from bombs, broken bones, missing limbs, worms, mange, traffic accidents and severe starvation and dehydration, where animals have spent weeks wandering empty streets alone.

We believe every animal should be able to receive treatment and stand a chance at a happy and healthy future. Many animals have been abandoned and are living on the streets, scavenging for food and fighting for survival. The lucky ones are in shelters or under the care of those who have stayed behind despite the risks. In some circumstances owners are struggling to pay for veterinary care due to the war effecting the economy, employment and cost of living. We strive to provide the best treatment possible by doing the following

  • Providing veterinary care totally free of charge

  • Working with animals right up to the frontline

  • Bringing in veterinary donations

  • Purchasing medications locally

  • Supporting vets and owners with training and case support

  • Working with other Ukrainian and international organisations

  • Our ongoing "Horse Support Grant" allows owners to receive assistance to care for their horses and other people's horses, when they have fled the country.

Thanks to you, we are able to continue this work. Despite being in the headlines less, the war continues to rage and advance across Ukrainian territory putting innocent lives at risk. Russian missiles rain down every day in the South East and this shows no signs of stopping. If you can spare any donation towards this cause, please follow the "donate to help" button above. Your support is much appreciated. 




Many of our team have a background in wildlife translocation and medicine. This has been utilised on numerous occasions in Ukraine to help with moving and treating wild species threatened by the war. From advising on immobilisation drugs and movement protocols for ostrich, antelope and carnivores, to carrying out the rescues of animals under attack from Russian forces.


Our most recent procedure was the movement of 9 lions out of Odesa pulling innocent lives to safety from under the Russian’s noses. It took many people, weeks of planning, military convoys and a cool disposition in the face of pressure, but all 9 are now safely across the border. Moving these lions was an important course of action. With advancing Russian forces, not only were the lion’s lives in danger, but if the zoo was bombed and the cage compromised, the escaped lions would pose a huge risk to public safety. Lastly the zoo who housed them in Odessa had run out of funds to feed the pride and so elected to have them evacuated.

Our director Dr Gemma Campling  managed the darting and immobilisation of the whole pride. WOW Ukraine - Warriors of Wildlife took over the care of these beautiful cats, with the final goal of sending them to an international sanctuary where they will live out dignified and safe lives, in high welfare enclosures, never to be bred or exploited. Breaking The Chains - Documentaries carried out the logistics of transport and provided the essential manpower behind this operation. What a dream team, fighting for the safety of these stunning animals.


Lifting a 250kg lion on to a head height truck with make shift stretchers takes some skill, but it’s nothing compared to the muscle and nerve needed to do 4 days nonstop travel across 2,000 km, with 6 international borders in a high risk area. Thankfully we were in and out of the war zone as fast as possible and the whole procedure went smoothly.



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