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Need help feeding, moving and relocating your horses from Ukraine? Please apply for a grant using the "Apply" button above.


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Our team is present in Ukraine right now providing free veterinary care to any animal in need. We believe it is our duty to help rescue, treat and rehabilitate animals injured in this brutal war. Hundreds of dogs and cats, horses, donkeys, and smaller pets have been wounded. On the ground teams are dealing with gun shot wounds, trauma from bombs, broken bones, missing limbs, worms, mange, traffic accidents and severe starvation and dehydration, where animals have spent weeks wandering empty streets alone, before being rescued.

We believe every animal should stand a chance and receive treatment. Many owners are struggling to pay for veterinary care, some animals have been separated from their owners and are in shelters hoping to be reunited or adopted. We will strive to provide the best treatment possible, totally free of charge.

There are a limited number of Ukrainian vets on the ground due to the fighting and many male vets have been drafted into the army. From being on the ground in Ukraine, and working with local and international organisations, we have pinpointed the best locations and methods to provide medical care to all species, including bringing in medicines and wound care, surgical kits and trained veterinarians. Now we need your help to carry on this vital work. Please help us help every animal in need.


Helping horses 


Ukraine is in a state of emergency due to the actions of Russia. People are fleeing the country and searching for ways to take their beloved animals. For those still in Ukraine, food is scarce and the roads are dangerous to travel. We have been coordinating fundraising efforts aimed at horses and donkeys. The priorities are as follows:


  1. Help feed equines still in Ukraine (funding feed and hay)

  2. Move equines away from active war zones (funding fuel, trucks and helping with boarder health checks)

  3. Support horse owners as they resettle (feed, stable and vet costs) in new countries


So far, we have raised over £20,000 to help equines, but we still have a long way to go, as requests for help pour in each day and we want to provide assistance to everyone in need.


Imagine rushing out to feed your horses every evening as fast as you can for fear of bombings. Seeing panicked horses in their stables but being unable to comfort them. Imagine packing up only the possessions you can fit in your car, loading up your horses, and driving over 1000 km with no idea what awaits you at the end of this long trip. This is the reality on the ground right now. If you can help, please consider donating using the button above, which will take you through to the Just Giving page, where every penny you donate will help horses and owners move to feed their horses, get veterinary supplies, move to safer areas and start a new life. 

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border crossings with pets

As of 25 February 2022 all escorts for animals out of Ukraine must be either female, or men not between 18-60 years of age.


~verified by Chief Veterinary Inspectorate (

“Temporary procedure for the movement of companion animals from the territory of Ukraine to the territory of the Polish by persons who do not have a set of veterinary documents for dogs, cats and ferrets”

• Allowing entry without paperwork

• Animals can be vaccinated on arrival

• Allowing refugees to bring unowned/stray animals and providing care through DIOZ


~verified by the National Authority for Veterinary Health and Public Sanitation (

• Allowing entry without paperwork

• Form completed on arrival


~verified by Hungarian National Veterinary Authority (

“Hungary ensures that those fleeing Ukraine can bring their companion animals with them”

• Allowing entry without paperwork

• Form completed on arrival


~verified only by Slovakian Border Police Official Instagram page, not ministerial level

• Allowing entry without paperwork

• Form completed on arrival


~verified by the Slovenian State Veterinary Authority (

“In the extreme situation of political unrest in Ukraine, the State Veterinary and Food Administration of the SR allows for the non-commercial transfer of animal animals to the territory of the Republic of Slovenia for the payment of fugitive refugees.”

• Allowing entry without paperwork

• Form completed on arrival and turned into Slovenian Ministry of Finance


~verified only by NGO at this time

• Animal documentation required most entry points

• Exception at Munich. To engage in this process, contact:


*Unofficially, women allowed to transit through Moldova with animals to Romania

The situations are rapidly changing at each boarder, and we will endeavor to update this post as often as possible to advise those in need. Due to the fluid situation, and reporting from other organisations, no responsibility or liability of any form will be accepted for inaccuracies in this information.



Please email to talk to one of our team members. Please note, this is an address is ONLY for Ukrainian owners needing help. If you want to support our work, help victims of the war, find assistance for a rescue, or adopt an animal, please do not use this email address. We ask you to rather use the links further up this page. Help us help those in need, and keep this address clear for direct assistance. Thank you for your support.

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