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We take volunteers all year round, assisting the projects and receiving animal management or veterinary related training. To sustain this, we need to cover the cost associated with hosting volunteers.


Volunteer fees are the main source of funding for many of our projects, and by joining us, 75% of your fee goes directly to the project or charity you are visiting (check out the ‘Local staff salaries’ and ‘Animal care/medication’ slices on the chart!). That’s right, you get an amazing experience, AND support the work of the team who host you. Win Win!!!

We aim to keep project costs as low as possible whilst still supporting fair employment in the countries where we work. Some projects include food, but in some instances, where food is easily sourced, it is not included, allowing each volunteer to save or splurge as they wish.


You can be sure your fee allows us to arrange your airport and project transfers (5%) accommodate you (10%) safely and provide an experienced and locally knowledgeable project coordinator to assist you 24 hours a day, plus your inductions, training and supervision.  


On top of this, your project fee allows us to hold thorough Employers Liability, professional indemnity and public liability insurance (5%) to safeguard yourself and our staff. 


Lastly we return some funds to marketing (5%), so more volunteers find out about the projects, and help fund them in the future.

Be th change you want to see in the world.

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