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Thailand Visa Guidance: Tourist Visa

Please be advised that this is a guideline it is completely up to you to gather up to date information for your own visa.

Please be mindful that, when going through immigration when you arrive in Thailand, if
asked what you are doing here, please DO NOT say you are here to volunteer or show them
any documents relating to volunteering. If they ask, you are here for tourism. If you say
otherwise, it might cause delays getting through immigration and meeting your airport pickup.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, or anything contained within this
document, please contact us at

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The Big 3

When you enter Thailand, you must remember to bring these three (3) items. Physical copies are
highly recommended.


Exit flight from Thailand

To enter Thailand on a tourist visa or visa exemption, you will
need to show proof of exit from Thailand within 45 days of your arrival in Thailand OR the
time length of your visa). We recommend booking a cheap flight to a neighbouring
country, such as Laos or Cambodia. Flexible flights are best, so you can change the date
for when you wish to use it. We recommend using AirAsia, VietJet, or NokAir.



Proof of Accommodation in Thailand - Hotel.

74/5 Soi Moo Baan Khao Tao, Nongkae, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110


Financial Evidence

Must bring 20,000 Thai baht or equivalent in major currency (i.e.USD or
Pounds or Euros)


Confirmation of legal residence in a country for which you are applying for the visa (in case that you are not a national of the country in which you are applying for the visa)- Upload a picture of your passport ID page.

A confirmation letter from the employer, school, self-assessment, pension statement-  Write a very basic letter that you are travelling for tourism. This can be 2-3 sentences long.

Identity of the person inviting you to stay e.g Thai ID card, passport- no body is inviting you, you can upload the hotel booking confirmation here.

Travel booking confirmation- Accommodation booking (booking confirmation document).

A copy of flight confirmation/ reservation- Flight details into Thailand

Local Guarantor- Name and address of local guarantor are the contact details of a person in your home country. It should be your family member.

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