Photo: Safari Stables Internship

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Anyone can volunteer!
You don't need to be a vet or vet student

Could you offer your time and skills to help our projects and associated charities? If so we would love to hear from you. A number of our partners accept volunteers, so you can dive deep in to the heart and soul of the country as you spend your time rescuing, rehabilitating and treating animals. Every day will be as rewarding as the last and you will return home knowing you have made a huge difference to the welfare and lives of local animals.


Since 2009 Worldwide Vets has been sending volunteers around the world for fulfilling and life changing experiences, uplifting communities and offering wholesome and responsible ecotourism. We offer a range of projects for all interests and passions, each individually selected and tailored by our experienced team to offer you a life changing adventure. You can search through the projects using the links below, or just pop us an email and we will get back to you to talk about it further.

Whether you dig dogs or love lions, click below to find your perfect project or....