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Our new shop!

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

We're very excited to announce the opening of the Worldwide Vets shop. All profits support our international animal rescue work, including veterinary outreach in Ukraine.

The first three products launched in the shop are

“Buy some balls”

“Buy some biscuits”

“Buy some bales”

Buy buying one of these gifts you are enabling us to castrate one abandoned pet and get them one step closer to rehoming (Buy some balls), feed one horse for a month (Buy some bales), or source enough food to keep a shelter dog or cat fed for a whole month (Buy some biscuits). When you buy one of these gifts we will send a digital certificate of thanks via email to the recipient of your choice. It’s the best feel good gift of 2022. You can check out more details on the page:

We also have the debut appearance of our “Just Hanging Out” range. These are accessories with a difference! Are we nuts? Did we create a whole range of products with dog's testicles on? Yes we did. You could say the are the dogs bollocks. OK OK, dad jokes aside, you can turn heads with this comical design on pillows, cups, phone cases, books and bags, knowing all profits go to supporting veterinary work in Ukraine (at that your humor is on point).

You can even join the Just Hanging Out challenge, posting a photo with your item and tagging us, for a chance to win our hoodie. So whether its for home, office, university, or an unforgettable gift for a friend, you can’t go wrong here.

Last but not least, we have launched our lovely clothing range with hoodies and T-shirts with the Worldwide Vets logo. Again, all profits go towards our international animal rescue work. These performance t-shirts are worn by our whole team and with a cutting-edge fiber combination are: • Crease proof • Highly absorbent • Fast drying • Ultra-soft technology • Insect repelling That makes this hoodie the perfect day to day garment at home and an essential you won’t want to leave behind if you are traveling abroad to volunteer with us. Our clothing is proven to perform in the jungles of the Amazon to the savannahs of Africa, keeping our followers and volunteers comfortable and looking fabulous!

If you want to browse all the great products designed just for you, head to the shop.


Looking to help us abroad?

Veterinary students volunteering with wildlife zebra in Africa
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