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Honoring Heroes of Animal Welfare: The Worldwide Vets Golden Star Award


In a world where animals often go unnoticed and unheard, there are unsung heroes working tirelessly to make a difference in their lives. The Golden Star Award is a tribute to those remarkable individuals who have made exceptional contributions to animal welfare, veterinary medicine, and wildlife conservation. This award serves as a beacon of hope, shining light on the dedication and compassion that drives these unsung heroes.

Recognizing Extraordinary Contributions

Every year, the Golden Star Award aims to recognize and celebrate those who have selflessly dedicated their lives to improving the well-being of animals worldwide. From rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife to championing the rights of domestic animals, these individuals have left an indelible mark on the animal kingdom.

2022 Golden Star Award Winner: Louise Hastings

Last year, the coveted Golden Star Award with Worldwide Vets found its deserving recipient in Louise Hastings, a dedicated and passionate veterinarian. Louise has coordinated countless dog and cat rescues, as well as stray animal sterilizations and treatments. Her colleagues describe her as driven, compassionate, and a true pleasure to work alongside.

What truly sets Louise apart is her unwavering commitment to animal welfare. She places the well-being of animals at the heart of everything she does, always striving to develop sustainable and reliable projects that make a real impact on animals in need.

Louise Hastings embodies the spirit of the Golden Star Award, and her story is an inspiration to us all. Her work reminds us that each one of us has the power to change the lives of voiceless creatures, and that compassion and dedication can create a better world for animals.


Get Involved

The Golden Star Award is not just about recognizing extraordinary individuals; it's also about inspiring others to join the cause. If you know someone like Louise Hastings or have witnessed their transformative work, don't hesitate to nominate them for the Golden Star Award. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals, one hero at a time.

Let's celebrate the Golden Stars of our world, the champions of animal welfare, and the driving force behind a brighter future for all creatures, great and small.

Nominate Your 2023 Golden Star Nominee

As we embark on another year of the Golden Star initiative, we invite people from all corners of the globe to nominate their own Golden Star Nominee. This could be someone you know personally or someone whose work you've admired from afar. Our goal is to bring to the forefront those who have changed the world for the better for the less fortunate creatures we share our planet with.

We're thrilled to announce the nomination process for the Golden Star Award 2023, where you can shine a spotlight on those remarkable individuals making a difference in the lives of animals.

Here's how you can nominate and vote for your favorite candidate:

1. Nomination Period (September 30th to October 31st):

Starting from September 30th, you can visit our official website and fill out the nomination form. The form will be available during this period, allowing you to submit your nominations for those deserving of the Golden Star Award.

2. Selection of Top Submissions:

After the nomination period closes on October 31st, our team will carefully review all the submissions. The most outstanding nominations will be selected as the top finalists.

3. Public Voting (October 31st to November 15th):

This is where your voice truly matters! Starting on October 31st, we will launch a public voting phase on our Facebook page. We've created a dedicated album featuring all the nominees. To cast your vote for your preferred candidate, simply "like" their photo within the Worldwide Vets Golden Star Award Nominees album. Your votes will play a crucial role in determining one of the finalists.

4. Ethics Committee Selection:

In addition to the public vote, our ethics committee will carefully evaluate the nominations to select two more finalists. These committee-selected finalists will be individuals whose dedication and contributions truly stand out.

5. Final Winner Selection:

Ultimately, the final winner of the Golden Star Award will be chosen by our ethics committee. They will consider the impact and significance of each nominee's work in the realm of animal welfare, veterinary medicine, or wildlife conservation.

This multi-step selection process ensures that the Golden Star Award goes to someone who has made a profound and lasting impact on the lives of animals. It also allows the public to have a say in recognizing their preferred candidate.

You can nominate your candidate by visiting our website through this link:

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates on the award process, finalists, and, most importantly, the announcement of the Golden Star Award winner. Together, we can honor and celebrate those who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place for animals. Your participation makes a difference!


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