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Getting your ducks in a row at university

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

So you are going back to, (or off to) university are you? Endless lectures to attend, lessons to learn, parties to attend and social events to enjoy. Sometimes having so much to keep up with can be daunting.

I found myself thinking the other day, of all the things I had to do. Most of them regarding university, some of them regarding my own personal life: Who knew that "real" adults actually have meetings with their bank?

I'm 23, it really should be easier to remember these things and I really should arrange that meeting. But, with hundreds of things to do -

along with hundreds of pages to read for that lecture - I forget. I decided to try and organise my life a little better. So, here's a quick guide to 3 things that can make real adult admin a little less overwhelming - especially if you've just started university.

Wunderlist (

My new favourite webpage. It's basically an online to-do list which syncs across all your different platforms. You can set deadlines, reminders and make a ton of different lists and even sort them into themes. It even gives a satisfying "ping" when you mark a task as completed. What's not to like? You can even share a specific list with other people; meaning it can be perfect to let your study-mates know that you completed the extremely complicated task of making the frontpage for your assignment.

Bullet journal

Have you heard about them? If not, there's a real possibility that you have lived under a rock. It's essentially a blank journal where you can write anything you want. Often used for to-do list, week plans or anything you want to really.

Personally, I think it's a great way to keep track of my week, more so than a calendar, as it also contains all the little things I need to remember - like booking an appointment with my bank or even just doing the laundry. Plus, if you like being creative, the doodling is a great way to relax and occupy your mind - while feeling productive, bonus. And don't worry about not being an amazing artist - neither am I, that's not what it's about.

(The latest page in my bullet journal)

A good calendar

If you have just started university you will quickly realise that there will be so many deadlines, luncheons and meetings - on top of all the lectures, study sessions and informative nights you should attend. Along with maybe a dash of socialising. Without my calendar, I would be lost. I love my to-do lists; my bullet journal is a great way to relax and remind me to do the laundry, but without my calendar, I wouldn’t get anywhere. I have one rule: If it's not in my calendar, I'm not going. Not because I don't care or don't want to, I've simply forgotten. Personally, I have one that syncs across my iphone, ipad and mac. I find it's a great way to clear some space in my head as I always know what's expected of me that day - if my calendar is empty, it means a day off. Or I've forgotten where I need to be. It even holds all my uni lectures. Maybe I'm neurotic, but without it I would surely be lost!

In the end, we each find a way to deal with the "administration" of our life, a way to make sense of all the craziness and expectations we're faced with every day. With all this in mind, I want to also point out the importance of sometimes relaxing and letting things be forgotten and not fuss the little things - it is after all not the end of the world if the laundry is undone for a few days extra. I'm pretty sure that's what university-life has taught me as well 3 years in.

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