Safari Stables Project


Based at The Lion and Cheetah Park in Zimbabwe. Participants on this project gain experience in the daily running and management of an African safari stable, which caters for horse-riding lessons, horse-back safaris, dressage, jumping and polocrosse. You can also combine this project with helping at their wildlife project to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife.  


  • Gain valuable experience in Stable and Horse Management within a rustic African setting

  • Ride right up to giraffe, weave through herds of zebra, canter past wildebeest and admire majestic  elephants, all on horseback

  • Help guide horse rides around the game reserve

  • Learn and play the sports of polo, polocrosse and show jumping

  • Go swimming on horseback

  • Camp out under the stars on overnight horseback safaris

  • Interact and help care for rescued lions and orphaned wildlife like lions, zebra, warthog, antelope and ostriches. 

The stables are based on a beautiful wildlife reserve in the heart of Zimbabwe. Anyone can volunteer on this project, you don't need any past experience, you don't even need to be able to ride yet! We take complete beginners up to experienced horse riders. The stables is home to over 20 horses which are mostly used for horse safaris around the reserve, but also dressage, jumping, cross country and polo-crosse. They range from well behaved school masters to young lively horses who need bringing on. The work load will be a mixture of horse management and horse riding.

Whilst some horse experience is helpful on this project, it is not necessary. We will take those not confident with horses through a gentle training process until they are comfortable with basics, like catching, haltering, tacking up and riding our calmer horses. We hope that by the time you leave you will be happy to join in all the management and riding activities.


Those with horse experience will be allowed to assist or lead some activities, such as schooling horses, safari rides, fitness training, riding lessons and wildlife counts on horseback. All riders will have chances to learn the game of polo-crosse and during the competition season (May-August) you can join competitions. Competent riders may be able to play in local or international competitions which are also held at the park on the specially designed polo-crosse field. 


Horse Management 

  • Feeding horses

  • Veterinary care (work with the UK trained in-house veterinarian) 

  • Grooming

  • Handling young horses

  • Lunging lessons

In the Saddle 

The riding is varied and can change from day to day but you will get involved in the following rides:


  • Spend 2-6 hours each day in the saddle

  • Assist with training/breaking in of young horses

  • Flat schooling of young horses and showjumping practice

  • Protect the reserve, checking fence lines, removing snares and monitoring animals in the park 

  • Join the regular 2 hour safari rides where you will get up close to giraffe, zebra and antelope, weaving among them as they graze peacefully, or cantering alongside them to the thunder of hooves

  • Join in with dressage, polocrosse and jumping shows

  • Overnight safaris where you and your horses camp out in the bush with other volunteers.

  • Swim the horses in the dam to improve fitness.

  • Learn to play polocrosse

Other Animals


You will also be able to assist with the animals in the wildlife  sanctuary. The sanctuary does not allow human interaction with  carnivores, with the exception of the wolves, who have grown up in human  company and thrive on such contact. There are often young, injured and  orphaned animals coming in and you can assist with their management and  care. You will have a number of optional sessions each week for working  with these animals should you wish. This includes feeding the lions,  cleaning and enriching enclosures, helping with darting, veterinary care  and training the wolves.


Your accommodation will be  within the beautiful colonial thatched volunteer house on the boundary  of the game park, right next to the yard.   There is hot and cold  running water with both showers and baths for your use. A central  kitchen allows you to make your meals and there is comfy living room  with couches and a TV. The TV takes DVD’s and hard drives and you are  welcome to bring your own supply.

Bedrooms may be shared if there  are a number of volunteers at the time, with a maximum of three people.  Rooms are same sex, unless you are a couple and wish to be in a room  together.  All bedding and sheets are provided. You will need to bring  your own towel.

House keeping will come to the  house every day, clean your room ,make your bed and do any clothes  washing that is needed. All your laundry is included in the price of  your stay.


Zimbabwe is based in the middle of  Southern Africa. It is renowned by locals as being the best place to do a  safari because there are considerably fewer tourists and the nature  reserves are much more ‘wild’ and free. “Zimbos” (as they call  themselves), are without a doubt the most generous and friendly nation  in Southern Africa and love showing volunteers the way of life, culture  and history.

Situated in the heart of Zimbabwe near  the town of Harare, and just 45 minutes from the airport, the game reserve is teeming with African  wildlife, including zebra, wildebeest, kudu,  waterbuck, impala and giraffe. All the rescued carnivores live safaly in enclosures at the sanctuary which is nestled in the middle of the reserve. Past volunteers will tell you this is a very special place,  where friends are made for life and the pace of living, friendly staff  and the beautiful animals, will create memories that stay with your  forever. If living on a game reserve in the heart of the African bush  isn’t enough, there are loads of extra activities to enjoy with fellow  volunteers.


Want to know what’s included? Great news, it is pretty much everything! Including your

  • Pre-departure assistance

  • All airport collection and returns

  • All accommodation and food, including 3 meals a day

  • 24 hour support on every project and at the volunteer accommodation by onsite staff

  • All yout horseriding 


  • Medical and travel insurance

  • Flights to your chosen destination

  • visa

  • Weekend trips and other non-project activities

1 week   £ 570

2 weeks £ 1,140

3 weeks £ 1,710

4 weeks £ 2,280

5 weeks £ 2,800

6 weeks £ 3,370

7 weeks £ 3,940

8 weeks £ 3,940


This project starts every Sunday of the year. Volunteers arrive and depart from Harare Airport on Sunday.  Most  people fly via Johannesburg airport and arrive at llunchtme. A  member of the team will meet you from the airport and transport you to  the reserve, which is 45 minutes away.

Different start dates can be accommodated  (extra transfer costs may apply) with advance notice. Ask us about tailored  start dates, durations and multi-project trips. You will receive 5% off  any 2nd or  subsequent project you book with us, either immediately after your first  project, or at any time in the future! 

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

Image by Maurits Bausenhart
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