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Lion And Cheetah Park Wildlife Volunteer


At  this unique sanctuary you can make a real difference with both hand-on  and hands-off animal management and care. Get stuck in with sustainable  and ethical work and ongoing conservation efforts. 


  • Work at a unique sanctuary specialising in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation

  • Get hands on raising orphans, bottle feeding and nurturing them back to health

  • Join the onsite vet providing care and treatment to animals

  • Support conservation through educating the local community

  • Learn how to manage various aspects of a game park from snare removals to grassland management

  • Game drive, horse ride, camp under the stars and make friends for lif

The property consists of a 1000  acre wildlife reserve with a sanctuary and rehabilitation centre  located at the heart of it. Volunteers asssit with both the reserve and  the sanctuary, so the work is always fun and varied. This lifechanging  experience will allow you to work closely with lions, white lions,  jackal, monkeys, warthogs, zebras, wildebeest, giraffe and antelope, as  well as non-native species like camels and wolves, who have found a safe  haven in the sanctuary. The project also runs a snake  and reptile rescue centre that is open to the public, with a wide  variety of snakes, chameleons, scorpions, tortoises and terrapins. 

The  park strives to provide large,  high welfare enclosures for all of the  animals, with a focus on behevioural enrichment and world class care of  all species. The reserve and sanctuary are open to the public every day  of the week. Visitors come to drive around the game reserve and take a  tour of the sanctuary enclosures. This is a wonderful way to educate  Zimbabweans about the importance of conservation, rescue, rehabilitation  and animal rights. School groups often attend to see the animals and  learn about preserving the natural world.

This  project is popular with those perusing or hoping to peruse a career with  animals either through conservation, veterinary or nursing, charity  work, zoo work and domestic animal care.


As a volunteer you will undertake a variety of activities, such as:

  • Morning/evening checks of all  animal enclosures. A fantastic time to be alone with these great animals  before the busy day starts and to stand just feet away as the lions  roar at dawn and dusk

  • Feed and nurture orphaned and injured animals

  • Cut, weigh and supplement meat, then feed  the lion, wolves, jackal, crocodile and hyena

  • Enclosure cleaning and maintenance

  • Making toys and enclosure enrichment

  • Assisting with educational tours

  • Behaviour monitoring and research

  • Game counts and snaresweeps on foot or horseback

  • Sunset distribution of  supplemented herbivore feed in the reserve. Done off the back of a 4x4  vehicle. This is a great chance to get very close to the animals who  come within inches of the car as you are stood in the back. Often you  are looking up at the underside of a giraffes head!

Volunteers play a central role  in caring for the orphaned animals. Such youngsters take a lot of time,  care and commitment in order to thrive and stand a chance of wild  release. Often volunteers are assigned "primary caregiver" role for one  or two animals during their stay. This allows both you and the animal to  form a deeper level of trust and bonding.  It is not unusual to have to  take the animals you are raising home with you in the evenings and feed  them in the night. If the idea of sharing your bed with a little  monkey, bushbaby or warthog is right up your street, this is the project  for you.


Your accommodation will be  within the beautiful colonial thatched volunteer house on the boundary  of the game park. There is hot and cold running water with both showers  and baths for your use. A central kitchen allows you to make your meals  and there is comfy living room with couches and a TV. The TV takes DVD’s  and hard drives and you are welcome to bring your own supply.

Bedrooms may be shared if there  are a number of volunteers at the time, with a maximum of three people.  Rooms are same sex, unless you are a couple and wish to be in a room  together.  All bedding and sheets are provided. You will need to bring  your own towel.

House keeping will come to the  house every day, clean your room, make your bed and do any clothes  washing that is needed. All your laundry is included in the price of  your stay.


Zimbabwe is based in the middle of  Southern Africa. It is renowned by locals as being the best place to do a  safari because there are considerably fewer tourists and the nature  reserves are much more ‘wild’ and free. “Zimbos” (as they call  themselves), are without a doubt the most generous and friendly nation  in Southern Africa and love showing volunteers the way of life, culture  and history.

Situated in the heart of Zimbabwe near  the town of Harare, and just 45 minutes from the airport, the game reserve is teeming with African  wildlife, including zebra, wildebeest, kudu,  waterbuck, impala and giraffe. All the rescued carnivores live safaly in enclosures at the sanctuary which is nestled in the middle of the reserve. Past volunteers will tell you this is a very special place,  where friends are made for life and the pace of living, friendly staff  and the beautiful animals, will create memories that stay with your  forever. If living on a game reserve in the heart of the African bush  isn’t enough, there are loads of extra activities to enjoy with fellow  volunteers.


Want to know what’s included? Great news, it is pretty much everything! 

  • Pre departure assistance with planning and flights from one  of our destination specialists

  • Transfers to and from the airport on arrival and departure

  • Induction and training on the project

  • Accommodation  with housekeeping

  • 3 meals a day

  • 24 hour project coordinator


Not included in your fee:

  • Personal health insurance

  • Flights to and from project

  • Visa (approx 50 USD depending on your nationality)

1 week   £ 570

2 weeks £ 1,140

3 weeks £ 1,710

4 weeks £ 2,280

5 weeks £ 2,800

6 weeks £ 3,370

7 weeks £ 3,940

8 weeks £ 3,940


You can join this project any  week of the year. Volunteers fly in to  and out of Harare International  Airport on Sundays. We can help you book the correct flights and also  cater for alternative start dates, so if your travel plans are not able  to fit the normal dates, please contact us for more information.

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

Image by Maurits Bausenhart
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