Kruger Equitation and Safari

Kruger Equitation and Safari

South Africa

This project combines amazing horse riding, living in the bush, and the chance to go on regular game drives in one of the best wildlife areas in Africa. You will ride in beautiful wildlife areas and receive lessons in jumping, dressage and equine management as well as go swimming with the horses each week.


  • ​Join a team of horse lovers as you receive daily riding lessons in flat work, lunging, jumping and stable care

  • Participate in riding competitions, horse swims, safari game rides and gymkhanas

  • Enjoy game drives to see the reserve’s wildlife including the ‘big 5’ 

  • During your regular game drives you will learn about wildlife behavior and tracking from local FGASA field guides

  • Live in the middle of the bush, where wildlife pass right in front of your kitchen

This project divides up your time between two of the best things, horses and wildlife.


Most days you will participate in both time at the yard, and a game drive, either early in the morning or in the cool of the afternoon. As well as this you can enjoy the local area with day trips to Kruger National Park, exploring the breath-taking ‘panorama route’ that winds through great mountain passes and getting up close to rescued animals at the local sanctuaries.


The focus of this project is on kindness, respect and harmony when working with horses. Interns participate in a range of weekly ridden activities as they work towards a better, more harmonious way of horsemanship, both in the saddle and on the ground. This project is open to anyone and riders of all abilities (even total beginners) are welcome. Regardless of your ability, you will certainly come home a better and more confident rider.


The stables are based on a game reserve, and so you will enjoy lots of haking and safari rides. Riding in the bush is a life changing experience for many people. No time limits, no boundaries and wildlife all around you. You may meet giraffe, antelope, warthog, wildebeest and zebra. There are no dangerous wildlife species in the areas where the horses are ridden.


Your time on project will be split between  day you will split your time between riding and safari drives. 

Safari Drives

On game drives you will get a deeper understanding of nature, wildlife and conservation as you enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat, and learning about their interactions and habits from your professional guide. It is rare a volunteer leaves us without having seen the big 5! Being out in the bush, surrounded by the sounds, smells and noises of the wild is wonderful and you will undoubtedly have endless photo opportunities.


Horse Riding

The riding is exciting and varied, with regular lessons to improve your seat, posture and horsemanship. The aim is for each volunteer to develop a holistic view of horsemanship. Lessons include:

  • Flat work and dressage     

  • Ground work and join up

  • Jumping    

  • Veterinary care 

  • Lunging

The stables is home to a range of horses from old school masters, to lively youngsters. You will be encouraged to ride a different horse every day to progress your ability to adapt your riding skills to a wade variety of horses. As well as this, you will participate in gymkhanas and safari rides as you bond with your fellow volunteers and the horses. You will learn to give lessons to other volunteers, and assess their riding, as a way to cement the equitation lessons you have received.

Another highlight for volunteers and the horses is swimming in the dam, which is normally done once a week. You ride out for 30 minutes bareback in shorts and t-shirts, enjoying the freedom of the horse beneath you, then wade in to the cool waters of the dam and let the horses splash, roll and swim with you on their back.


Volunteer accommodation is set in the large leafy garden on the property where Traci and her family live, in the middle of Jejani Wildlife Reserve.


Each room has 4 beds and a modern en-suite bathroom. The kitchen and alfresco dining area (see picture), looks directly over a waterhole, where animals gather throughout the day, allowing amazing photo opportunities. Electric fencing keeps the wildlife out so you are safe in the camp.

There is a fire pit and volunteers often sit out under the stars and enjoy the sights and smell of the bush by night, and can be treated to views of hyena, elephant, painted dogs and jackals visiting the waterhole.


You will be based just outside of the quaint town of Hoedspruit, in the north east of South Africa.


Hoedspruit is right on the doorsteps of the Kruger National Park, one of the largest wildlife havens on earth. A 5 minute walk from Hoedspruit town is the entrance to the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, which is where the stables are based. The Estate is fenced and inside you can find zebra, impala, giraffe and other non dangerous wildlife species. It is very common to see warthogs in the horse’s paddocks!


Your accommodation is a short drive away from the stables, on a different reserve, called Jejani Wildlife Reserve. This reserve is where you will take your regular game drives, and the wildlife roams freely in from neighboring Kruger National Park


Want to know what’s included? Great news, it is pretty much everything!

• Pre departure assistance with planning and flights from one of our destination specialists
• Inductions and training to work with the horses
• Shared accommodation
• 3 meals a day
• Weekly laundry service



• Airport pick-up (from East Gate Airport) or bus stop (200 rand each way)
• Wifi (125 rand per 2 weeks)
• Game park fees (100 rand per 2 weeks)
• Visas (free to many nationalities)
• Personal medical Insurance


Volunteers arrive and depart on a Friday, every week of the year.



Who doesn't want to adventure to Africa and combine safari and horse riding! If you want to find out more about this project, or to get started with a booking, just email us, follow the 'book now' button or the 'contact us' page and we will be in touch to discuss your project further. Don't forget to check out the project leaflet at the top of the page to find out more.

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