Jamaica Vet Clinic


Vet and nurse students and graduates are welcomed to join this friendly and committed team working to support animals in need in Jamaica. Develop your medical and surgical skills and give back to animals in poverty. All treatments are offered to the community for free, making a real difference to animal welfare on this beautiful island.


  • Assist the vet with day to day care of patients

  • Gain surgical experience with sterilisations

  • Assist with medical cases utilising limited resources

  • Travel to different communities and shelters to reach more animals

  • Get to know the welcoming people of Jamaica

  • Enjoy the beach, water sports, hiking and learning about Jamaican culture and cuisine

  • Live in a stunning water front villa overlooking the ocean, with beautifully decorated rooms and a water's edge garden 

The veterinary team are based over 3 locations, and you will move with the vet every day as you rotate between The Oasis, The Farm and The Clinic.

The Clinic is open to locals who need to bring their pets for treatment, sterilisation and care. Due to the significant poverty and a lack of animal welfare knowledge on the island, the diseases can be quite severe and advanced. From road traffic accidents to burn wounds, parasites, dystocia and poisonings. This is where the majority of steriliations occur as the team fights to control the stray population. There is a basic kennel, a preparation and surgery area, as well as basic laboratory equipment. You will assist the vet with all aspects of surgery and medicine, whilst developing knowledge on ailments you may not see at home.

The Oasis is home to over 150 dogs who live on the 27 acres and enjoy a high welfare lifestyle, being walked in their packs to play in the river each day. The vet is responsible for ongoing treatments for a wide variety of medical issues here. From this site we carry out talks about rehoming and animal welfare, trying to educate the public about better pet care practices. The rehoming success rate is quite good thanks to the efforts of the whole team.

The Farm is home to horses, pigs, cows and other livestock who are under treatment or are too old or injured to work the fields. Again, ongoing medical care of these patients is important and covers lameness, hoof injuries, wounds from poorly fitted harness and colic. New animals may be admitted to his location and require emergency treatment too.


During your stay you will shadow the resident vet and assist with all aspects of animal care. This is a good project for those who want to gain sterilisation surgery experience as there is a high caseload and the team will teach and support you in a low stress environment. You may see the following clinical cases during your stay

  • Sterilisations

  • Fight wounds

  • Chemical and fire burns

  • Poisonings

  • Road traffic accidents

  • Skin and gastrointestinal parasites

  • Colic

  • Lameness

  • Harness injuries

  • Foreign bodies

  • Dystocia and prolapses

All the members of this team are willing to dig in and get their hands dirty with all aspects of animal care and we ask our volunteers to adopt the same attitude. No one here is above grooming dirty dogs, picking up poo or cleaning kennels when it needs to be done. Whilst it will not be the focus of your stay, a can-do attitude is important when working as part of a small team for the good of the animals.


There are 3 accommodation options that we utilise for volunteers throughout the year. All 3 are located in the town of Montgo Bay and are central to the 3 work locations, The Clinic, The Oasis and The Farm. Volunteers are most often required to share a room, although we can guarantee your own room with a single supplement. You will have a comfy single bed with linen and towels, and nice shared bathrooms with hot and cold running water and a western toilet.

Each accommodation has their own social communal area for you to kick back and relax. Volunteers enjoy close proximity to local shops, eating out and enjoying the culture of the island which is a really special part of this project. You can walk to the beach to enjoy the blue waters and on weekends make the most of the huge variety of outdoor and cultural activities on offer in Jamaica.


Jamaica is an island like no other. It has a magnificent landscape of rolling mountains lined by endless white‐sand beaches. It is covered by lush foliage and crossed by streaming rivers and towering  waterfalls. Historic buildings sit among the newer more modern developments and the locals show a warm hospitality to guests.

The relaxed and carefree culture is fuelled by uniquely flavoured cuisine and is enough to make anyone fall in love with this stunning destination. The main clinic is based in downtown Montego Bay, on the north shores of Jamaica. This large city with a growing population is a major destination for tourism and local and international business. It is also home to many adventure sports including zipline, quad biking, rafting, diving, snorkelling, horse riding and….rum tasting!


2 weeks: £1060

3 weeks: £1465

4 weeks: £1920

5 weeks: £2320

6 weeks: £2725

7 weeks: £3710

8 weeks: £3535

Longer stays by request

Want to know what is included? Great news, it’s almost everything including

  • Pre-departure assistance

  • Airport collection and returns

  • Accommodation in a beautiful water's edge villa

  • 24 hour support at the volunteer accommodation by onsite staff


  • Visa

  • Personal medical insurance

  • Flights


This project starts every Saturday and Sunday the year. It is possible to arrange alternative start dates with advance notice, so please contact us if arriving on a different day is more convenient to you. 


Don’t fear! We have FLEXIBOOKINGS in place for all our projects. If you book a trip with us and have paid for the trip (deposit or in full), we have protocols in place to ensure you don’t miss out. Our main aim is for you to be able to attend your project in a safe and convenient manner so the FLEXIBOOKING system allows free and unlimited date changes if Covid prevents you from attending your planned trip. In the case of the following problems, you can reschedule until the end of 2023 at no cost. N.B if the project price rises between years, we will ask you to make up the difference before travel.

A) Your home country cancels flights to the project location, or your government advises against “all but essential travel” to the destination due to Covid.

B) Destination country cancels flights or closes borders to your home country due to Covid.

C) If you get Covid before travel or have a positive PCR test before your flight, wherever possible we aim to reschedule your project free of charge. In a few instances, the project may request a repayment of the non-refundable deposit, for example Safari Vet Internship project, where there are a set number of volunteers are needed to run the course.

If you choose to cancel your trip for other reasons, refund value depends on the time left until your project start date. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.



We want you to join us in Jamaica to help the animals and have the adventure of a lifetime. Sound good? Just fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you right away.

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