Horse Riding and Wildlife Conservation


During this two week equine volunteer project opportunity, you will experience the best of our amazing rhino and elephant conservation programme. You will be part of an integrated approach to the protection of endangered rhino and elephant and contribute to conservancy management on horse back. All this, riding in small group of no more than four. This is a true way to experience the African bush and make a real difference to animals in need whilst exploring beautiful Zimbabwe. 


  • Combine horse riding safaris with rhino, cheetah and elephant conservation work

  • Get involved with horse management and care, game monitoring, anti-poaching and cattle management

  • Help walk the resceud and rehabilitated elephants and rhinos in the reserve, and carry out their daily feeds

  • Ride up close to rhino, elehant, giraffe, antelope, warthogs and other iconic species

  • Assist in horseback game counts and animal welfare monitoring

  • Enjoy the thrill of cantering through the bush along endles sandy tracks and feel the true vastness of African wilderness. 

Horse riding volunteers experience a different Africa from other visitors, as they explore the game park on horseback, undertake fence and boundary monitoring and join the dedicated anti-poaching team for moonlight snare patrols. Camp out with your horse as you drive cattle around the game park, and interact closely with wildlife who not afraid or threatened by horses as they sometimes are by people or vehicles.

You will experience the amazing animal sitings, enjoy the African bush and do essential volunteer work, all on horseback, as well as having the opportunity to interact closely with rhinos and elephants and monitor other wildlife on the reserve. The aim of the programme is to assist the established black rhino breeding and release programme, undertake patrols to better secure the conservancy and protect the animals, and collect meaningful information relating to rhino and wildlife conservation. You will also help educate the local children about the importance of protecting the natural environment and how they can play their part in conservation.


Horse Management 

  • Mucking out

  • Tackng up

  • Gooming 

  • Feeding horses 

  • Veterinary care of injured or sick horses

  • Tack cleaning 

In the Saddle

  • Ensure the conservancy is a safe and secure environment through regular and extensive horse patrols

  • Undertake anti-poaching patrols on horseback, conduct snare sweeps and boundary patrols

  • Undertake moonlight patrols and camp-outs

  • Assist with the communication of conservation messages to local children

Game park work:

  • Provide daily assistance to the Game Park Manager to ensure the effective running of the reserve

  • Assist in horseback game counts and animal welfare monitoring

  • Locate and assess specific herds around the game park

Cattle ranching:

  • Monitor the welfare of the cattle herd and move cattle to different sections of the reserve

  • Work with the Cattle Team to conduct health inspections

  • Patrol the park to find lost cattle and check for new calves

  • Assist with cattle counts and dipping

Endangered species conservation work:

  • This part of the programme is not always done on horseback

  • Observe social interactions and monitor the behaviour of the black and white rhino, cheetah and elephants

  • Learn to track collared rhino and cheetah using telemetry

  • Maintain and clean out elephant beds

  • Carry out research projects and data collection on their feeding behaviour and movements

A Day in the Life

Horse riding volunteers will usually get up around 6.00 - 6.30am to get started before the day heats up. Have breakfast and pack your water bottle and a packed lunch; feed and groom the horses and head out into the game park to locate the sable and blesbok antelope. Count the size and composition of the herd, assess the condition and number of any babies and check the health of mothers.

Locate one of the baby giraffes and check the health and location of baby and mother. After a packed lunch and a short rest, sitting under the shade of the msasa trees, or on top of one of the viewpoints, get back onto your horse and head to one of the far-flung areas of the park, checking for snares, fence damage and evidence of fires or traps. Make your reports to the Game Park Manager who may task you with fixing any broken areas or repairing fireguards.

Then its time to drop the horses off, feed and groom, before heading back to the volunteer house for an evening swim to cool off before a much needed and hearty dinner!

Free Time

During your leisure time you may go on walks and hikes around the reserve or to local places of interest; go fishing or canoeing on one of the many dams or swim in the pool at the volunteer house. We highly recommend a weekend visit to Victoria Falls (a 1 hour flight). This can be organised when you are at the programme.


You will be housed in volunteer accommodation of up to 12 people. The rooms are shared with well decorated single beds. There is shared bathrooms and hot water is provided. You will receive 3 cooked meals a day and we also cater for vegetarians and vegans so if you have any dietary requirements please do let us know in advance. This project is all about spending time with nature- there is no WiFi, however, you can purchase a Zimbabwean SIM card which you can use to access 3G however, signal is unreliable. Be prepared to be off the grid!


Zimbabwe is based in the middle of Southern Africa. At present there is no quarantine requirements on arrival so you can head straight to the project from the airport.  Zimbabwe is renowned by locals as being the best place to do a safari because there are considerably fewer tourists, and the nature reserves are much more wild and free. It is home to Victoria Falls, one of the 7 wonders of the world, and the largest waterfall in the world, being 2x higher and wider than Niagara Falls, and a hot spot for adrenalin sports like skydiving, rafting and bungee jumping. There are some of the largest national parks in Africa, the largest man-made lake in the world (Lake Kariba), fantastic fishing, beautiful cities, endless horizons and cultural diversity. “Zimbos” (as they call themselves), are friendly and love showing volunteers their way of life, culture, and history.



1 week: £855

2 weeks: £1695

Want to know what’s included? Great news, it is pretty much everything! Including your:

  • Pre-departure assistance

  • All airport collection and returns 

  • All accommodation 

  • 3 amazing meals a day - we cater well for all dietry requirements

  • 24 hour support on every project and at the volunteer accommodation by onsite staff


  • Visa

  • Medical and travel insurance

  • Flights to and from Zimbabwe


This project runs for 2 weeks every month. Please contact us to check availability for 2022 and 2023


Don’t fear! We have FLEXIBOOKINGS in place for all our projects. If you book a trip with us and have paid for the trip (deposit or in full), we have protocols in place to ensure you don’t miss out. Our main aim is for you to be able to attend your project in a safe and convenient manner so the FLEXIBOOKING system allows free and unlimited date changes if Covid prevents you from attending your planned trip. In the case of the following problems, you can reschedule until the end of 2023 at no cost. N.B if the project price rises between years, we will ask you to make up the difference before travel.

A) Your home country cancels flights to the project location, or your government advises against “all but essential travel” to the destination due to Covid.

B) Destination country cancels flights or closes borders to your home country due to Covid.

C) If you get Covid before travel or have a positive PCR test before your flight, wherever possible we aim to reschedule your project free of charge. In a few instances, the project may request a repayment of the non-refundable deposit, for example Safari Vet Internship project, where there are a set number of volunteers are needed to run the course.

If you choose to cancel your trip for other reasons, refund value depends on the time left until your project start date. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.



We want you to join us in Africa to use your passion for horses to help save endangered wildlife? Are you dreaming of galloping thrugh the bush, swimming on horseback and exploring untouched savanna?

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