Ghana Vet Clinic


Join this project at a friendly vet clinic in the historical town of Accra, Ghana, just minutes from the beach. As a volunteer you will assist the vet clinic with a range of work including learning about veterinary care, animal rescue, treatment, surgery, diagnostics and preventative medicine.


  • Work alongside a friendly and encouraging team of vets and nurses

  • Help with Interesting and varied veterinary work

  • Work with a range of species including cats, dogs, cows, goats and chickens

  • Make a huge difference to animals and owners

  • Develop medicine and surgery skills

  • Spend time in a developing country, exploring a unique and welcoming culture

  • In your free time go jungle trekking, monkey watching, beach walking, or explore the historical city

As a volunteer you will assist Dr Jonathan Anim (A USA trained veterinarian), and his team of experienced vets and nurses. The team cover all species, from pets to farm animals. This projects is open to everyone, including volunteers with out any prior experience. It is well set up for vet and nurse students to participate in veterinary training, and for pre vet students to increase their hours of work experience. Those in clinical years of vet school will assist with surgery however but this is not a surgery training course, so you should not expect your days to be solely based around surgery. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the project, including medicine, animal rescue and inpatient care. As with all placements, the more you put in to your time with us, the more you will get out of it. 

Few people get such an opportunity to really get under the skin of Africa as you do on this project. As a volunteer, you are no longer a tourist, but a colleague and team member, and as such you will see a very special side to this welcoming county as you move around beautiful remote farms and countryside, treating animals. 


Out on the road, the vets assist the government by managing notifiable and infectious diseases, as well as serving private commercial and subsistence farmers, providing treatment for cows, sheep, goats and chickens. The small animal clinic has a regular stream of dogs, cats and a few exotics come through the doors for routine and emergency treatment. 


Those who come with no prior medical qualifications-

You will be busy assisting with a wide range of the clinic’s workload. You will carry out with the following:

• Restraining animals for, and learning to give injections

• Educating owners about husbandry

• Helping vets with surgery

• Helping nurses with anaesthesia

• Feeding and grooming inpatients

• Learning to sterilising surgical tools and packing surgical kits

• Bandaging and changing dressings on dogs, cats, cows, birds and horses

• Joining the vet when consulting in the clinic and at farms for cows, goats and chickens


Those with medical experience (vets, nurses, techs, vet students, nurse students)- 

Under supervision you will be able to advance your skills and provide support to the vets and nursing team. We aim to encourage you to highlight to us what areas you want to improve on so we can help you excel your knowledge and skills relevant to your studies and career. As well as the procedures above you will help with:

• Dog and cat sterilisation surgery

• Caesareans (dog and cow)

• Consulting

• Vaccinations

• Fracture repair/splinting (bird, dogs, cows)

• Leg amputations (dog, cat)

• Diagnostics (blood, smear and crush samples)

• Treating tetanus (farm animals)

• Wound management (farm and small animals)

• Euthanasia


The volunteer house is based in Labadi, a  quiet and safe suburb of the capital city Accra and just 20 minutes  from the airport. The house is bright, airy and clean. Your new  home-from-home is close to the beach, city centre and amenities  like ATMS, pharmacies and the convenience stores. The house itself is  comprised of shared single sex bedrooms (sharing with up to 5 people).  Bedding and towels are provided for you. There  are plenty of bathrooms to go around, all with the normal facilities  like a shower, western toilet and hot and cold running water.

There is a large communal living room and  kitchen with comfy sofas and long tables so you can sit with your new  friends and socialise at meal times and in the evenings. Meals will be  freshly prepared and cooked every day by our in-house chef. Each morning  you help yourself to breakfast at the house where a selection of breads  and spreads, fruit and cereal are available. You will have a lunch packed for you each day and in the evenings, dinner will be cooked for  you. Meals include pastas, curries, rice dishes, stews, burgers and  salads. We can cater for most dietary requirements and please, so discuss them at the time of booking.

You will be sharing the house with other  volunteers doing a wide range of projects, including volunteering with  children and community development. Your project manager, Jordan Palmer,  is on site 24 hours a day to plan your stay and help with any questions  you may have. The house has free WIFI so you can stay in touch with  family and friends at home. Laundry is done for you as part of your stay  by the housekeeping team.


Ghana’s reputation as one of the  friendliest countries in Africa precedes it and makes for a life  changing volunteer experience. The main language spoken here is English  and a rich colonial history means the capital city Accra is dotted with  historical landmarks whispering of a time when Portuguese, Dutch and  British traders (as early as 1550AD) utilised the town as part of their  trading routes. Old castles, lighthouses and slave trading prisons are  historical relics that still stand today. There are many restaurants  serving every type of food, from local African cuisine, to pizzas and  burgers, plus a number of bars and pubs to visit, which is a great way  to make more local friends and also meet other travellers.

Within Accra, our favourite local beach  is Bojo Beach. This clean, inviting white sandy stretch of coast is  accessible only by taking a little rowing boat taxi across a clear water  lagoon from the mainland. There are sun loungers and refreshments for  you to enjoy as you sunbathe or watch the sunset. Accra’s main open-air  market is also a great place to visit of an afternoon. You can dive into  the hustle and bustle of everyday life, purchasing clothes, souvenirs  and food. From there is just a short walk to climb to the top of the old  lighthouse near James Fort, for an amazing view over the historical  part of this old city.


2 weeks: £900

3 weeks: £1188

4 weeks: £1500

5 weeks: £1813

6 weeks: £2125

7 weeks: £2438

8 weeks: £2750

longer stays: by request

What is included: Want to know what is included in the fee? Good news, it is just about everything including:


  • Pre-departure assistance from our destination specialist

  • Your transfers to the project on arrival

  • 3 meals a day

  • Accommodation 

  • Drinking water

  • Transport relating to the project

  • Use of laundry facility



  • Your transfer to the airport when departing (we will arrange this)

  • Bus to vet practice each day (£1 per day)

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Visa


This project runs Sunday to Saturday every week of the year. Volunteers fly in to and out of Kotoka International Airport, in the country of Ghana. Alternative start dates can be arranged so please let us know if you need an alternative arrival day. 


Don’t fear! We have FLEXIBOOKINGS in place for all our projects. If you book a trip with us and have paid for the trip (deposit or in full), we have protocols in place to ensure you don’t miss out. Our main aim is for you to be able to attend your project in a safe and convenient manner so the FLEXIBOOKING system allows free and unlimited date changes if Covid prevents you from attending your planned trip. In the case of the following problems, you can reschedule until the end of 2023 at no cost. N.B if the project price rises between years, we will ask you to make up the difference before travel.

A) Your home country cancels flights to the project location, or your government advises against “all but essential travel” to the destination due to Covid.

B) Destination country cancels flights or closes borders to your home country due to Covid.

C) If you get Covid before travel or have a positive PCR test before your flight, wherever possible we aim to reschedule your project free of charge. In a few instances, the project may request a repayment of the non-refundable deposit, for example Safari Vet Internship project, where there are a set number of volunteers are needed to run the course.

If you choose to cancel your trip for other reasons, refund value depends on the time left until your project start date. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.


We want you to join us in Ghana, to help the animals and have the adventure of a lifetime. Sound good? Just fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you right away.

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Volunteer feedback

Katherine Lewin

June 2021

The best part: "Meeting lots of new people, working in the vets, exploring
Ghana - everyone was so welcoming and friendly"